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Project Local Love: #Just Sip

Hey, did you hear something under the sea? 

We all know that the #10yearschallenge are going strong around the globe. But, did you know that the sea creatures under the sea are screaming for help. They lost their beloved family, they lost their home, within 10 years. Plastics surrounded them, and it became their shelters and food. Aren't we gonna do something to help them up? Even just by a tiny effort?

We, Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts had came up with a new resolution this year to chip in a campaign in saving the environment! We believe that this effort is going to be beneficial to everyone in the long run. We are going strawless in all F&B outlets under Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts. Let's join us with a strawless habit and #JUSTSIP your drinks from the cup starting today!