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Hiking Gunung Pulai

Gunung Pulai stands at 654 m above sea level and is just 90 km away from Singapore and its about 55 munites from our Hotel. A popular recreational location amongst locals as well as for Singaporeans, the hike up and down Gunung Pulai is 10km each way and takes four hours in total. Gunung Pulai is located in the Kulai District of JB, is slightly more than an hour drive from the JB checkpoint. 

The hike up to the summit of Gunung Pulai will reward you with a panoramic view! Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by flora and fauna, and the occasional cheeky monkey.
Gunung Pulai Recreational Park is also home to their very own waterfall, where locals and visitors alike enjoy dipping themselves in the water. However, it’s not very well-maintained, so do remember to take care of your own rubbish to help preserve the beauty of what the Pulai Waterfall has to offer!

The hike on the paved road will take about 2.5hours to reach the summit, but it is restricted from entry as there is a telecommunication tower located nearby. Standing tall at 654m, the peak is noticeably cooler, and Gunung Pulai is always cloud-filled during early mornings and when the clouds are low during rainy weather.Although visitors are prohibited from entering the summit, the viewing spots around it are unblocked and still deliver stunning sights. This is possibly the closest from Singapore you can get for an azure-framed view from the top!